Indiana ad campaign fights housing discrimination

Indiana ad campaign fights housing discrimination
The commission said Tuesday that less than 5 percent of housing discrimination in Indiana was reported in 2010. Smith says he hopes this campaign will create better advocacy and understanding of housing discrimination and bring more people forward to …
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HOAs Making It Harder To Rent Homes In Indiana
More home owners associations are placing stricter rules on when and how people can rent out homes in Indiana and the trend is likely caused by an increase in the number of rental homes in the state. Since the recession, real estate companies in other …
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New kind of pest invading Indiana homes
“It's usually about two or three of them at about four o'clock. I leave my front door open, and when it starts to cool down, that seems to be when they want to come in and get warmed up,” said Adam Nisley who owns Adam's Flooring in Carmel. Fortunately …
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